Pioneer Wood Products


Pioneer Wood Patina has been providing aged wood products and water soluble powder concentrate for over seventeen years. It can be applied to all types of wood products from flooring and siding to interior trim packages and ceiling boards.

Pioneer Wood Patina is a  do- it- yourself powder treatment. When applied to new wood gives a brown/ grey appearance.

It is sold in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon concentrates. Simply dissolve the concentrate into water and apply with a brush, roller or sprayer to give your new wood a brown/ grey patina.

Pioneer Wood Patina is not a paint or stain.  It is a patina which matures into a brown/ grey color after a few weeks.

We recommend our Pioneer Wood Patina- Natural Beeswax Paste for most furniture, picture frames and hobbies. However, any type of finish can be applied over the patina.  For exterior projects, it can be left unfinished or sealed with a UV blocking finish to stop the maturing process of the patina.

The wood will never need to be re- treated and will continue to age with exposure to rain and sunshine if left untreated.

Please note that the Pine wood species does not work well inside, however, it works very well if left in the sun and rain for a few weeks.